Our Pledge

Why do this now?

We at ConEcon believe it is important for all of us to get on board, if not now then when, especially as it relates to housing. 

With the aid of members of the Indigenous Community, professional Environmental & Social Consultants, as well as academics in the world of Decolonial Theory, Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, we have begun our journey to do better. 

Setting the Bar

In the spirit of reconciliation and in acknowledging and accepting the cultural diversity of our community and Province, ConEcon Consultants pledges to:

  • Recognize heritage as the representation of all people and cultures and practice heritage as “the tangible and intangible record of human imprint on the world.” (The State of Heritage)
  • Establish and maintain mutually respectful, responsible and welcoming relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples – the foundation of reconciliation.
  • Acknowledge the harm that has been inflicted on Indigenous and other marginalized communities and commit to action that will change behaviours and repair relations.
  • Actively learn more about Indigenous Peoples, cultural diversity, Canada’s history of colonization, and to consider the influences, both positive and negative, our organization has on others as we work toward affirmative change.
  • Ensure employment opportunities are open to Indigenous and culturally diverse candidates; ensure career development opportunities are equitably available to all staff members; commit to fair compensation for Indigenous and culturally diverse people.
  • Create a working environment that is inclusive, welcoming and safe for Indigenous employees and people of all cultural backgrounds. The workplace environment will promote healing and recovery rather than continue practices and perpetuate conditions that inadvertently re-traumatize.
  • Commit to generating positive and lasting change as individuals for our organization and leaders for our community.
  • Support and engage in public education and advocacy, and practice respect, responsibility, and reciprocity. We believe we should be accountable for our words and actions and we will be humble in our learning and listening.
  • Make reconciliation and cultural equity part of our strategic direction, so that we will continue to seek new opportunities for training, education, networking and communication, and self-evaluation. Our goals and timelines will be transparent, taking into account the circumstances of those with whom we work and adjusting as needed.
  • Ensure Indigenous Peoples and cultural group(s) are involved in the formation of strategies and programs that affect these groups.
  • Recognize that the First Peoples of Canada are experts on their own histories and culture, that they have rich knowledge and heritage traditions, and they have rights to express and protect their heritage in their own ways. We commit to ongoing positive and concrete steps as a catalyst for the increased awareness of the meaning and potential of reconciliation. We recognize we must be part of a collective effort to maintain momentum and we must continually reflect on the places where we reside and work, always respecting the diversity of cultures and experiences that form the richness of our provincial heritage.

The motion to accept the Heritage and Reconciliation Pledge as a guiding document of our vision, values and strategies was made on September 30, 2021.

Thank you.

The above statement is an adaptation from the Heritage and Reciliation Pledge adopted by Heritage BC. We believe that this commitment sets the bar for ConEcon and encourages equitable relationships built on sincerity, truthfulness, openness, transparency, and reliability.

Take the pledge yourself at Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. www.ictinc.ca