Cost Management

ConEcon’s Cost Management service breaks down into initial Cost Planning followed by Cost Control during the design and construction phases of a project.

Our Cost Planning process includes estimating the quantities of material, labour, equipment, overheads and general requirements of a construction project. Our service includes estimating quantities & construction costs in an Elemental Cost Breakdown, CSI Divisions, or Major & Minor CSI Sections depending upon the design stage and client requirements. This service is typically required at the following stages of the project design:

  • Schematic stage
  • Development Permit stage
  • Design Development stage
  • Working Drawings
  • Building Permit stage
  • Pre-Tender stage

These cost estimates aide our clients in feasibility analysis and securing construction financing as early as the land acquisition stage, as well as maintaining cost control during the design development stage. ConEcon’s Cost Control services have allowed our developer clients to establish & implement a cost control process during the construction of a project. Our expertise in tendering, bid analysis, contract administration, change order evaluations, and payment certifications allow ConEcon to help our clients meet their budget targets.

Cost Management is, without a doubt, key to the economic success of a construction project. ConEcon delivers this service in an effective and timely manner, ensuring minimized risk and maximized value.

Key Services

  • Cost Planning and Control
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Replacement Cost Estimating
  • Progress Claim Management
  • Change Order Review
  • Payment Certification