Our Services

The launch of a construction project today demands a considerable commitment in time and money. New technologies, tighter budgets, more regulations and greater competition have led to fast tracked and increasingly complex building projects. At every stage, construction is a complicated process of estimating, negotiating, coordinating, problem-solving and financing. Potentially any number of practical, legal or financial problems can veer a project out of control.

At ConEcon we can help. We take our partnerships with our clients seriously because we believe that your success is our success. Whether it be Cost Management or Loan Monitoring, our services are designed to help our clients come away feeling confident in their progress and ultimately, proud of the final results.

Our achievements over the past 18 years have given ConEcon an expertise across a wide range of structures and construction types. We have had the opportunity to work on projects as varied in style and detail as townhouses, condominiums, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. At ConEcon, you can expect more out of our people, as we bring this expertise and our exacting quality to your real estate development projects.